Jack Baldauf

Jack Baldauf


Vice President for Research

Geological Oceanography: Paleoceanography, Biotic Response to Climate Variability


  (979) 845-8585

  Office of the Vice President for Research


Synergistic Activities: Neogene Pacific paleoceanography with focus on understanding variation in production, export productivity and dissolution and the relationship to climate change and the COcycle.

Understanding climate change by translating global processes to local consequences and mitigations. Emphasis placed on education of educators, students and policy and decision makers.

Themes: Paleoceanography, Phytoplankton productivity, Diatoms and biotic response to climate variability, Carbon cycle, Biosiliceous sedimentation, Micropaleontology, and Biostratigraphy

Selected Publications

  • Baldauf, J.G., 1992 .Middle Eocene through early Miocene diatom floral turnover in Prothero, D.R., and Berggren, W.A., Eocene-Oligocene climatic and biotic evolution, Princeton University Press, 310-326.
  • Ramsay, T. and Baldauf, J.G., 1999. A Reassessment of the Southern Ocean Biochronology, Geological Society of London, Memoir 18, 122 p.
  • Kemp, A., Baldauf, J.G., 1993. Vast Neogene laminated diatom mat deposits from the Equatorial Pacific Ocean.Nature, 362:141-143.
  • Baldauf, J.G., and Barron, J.A., 1990. Evolution of biosiliceous sedimentation patterns for the Eocene through Quaternary: paleoceanographic response to polar cooling. In Bleil, U., Thiede, J., (Eds.), Geological History of the Polar Oceans: Arctic Versus Antarctic, London, (Kluwer Academic Publishers), 575-608.
  • Baldauf, J.G., and Iwai, M., 1995. Neogene diatom biostratigraphy for the eastern equatorial Pacific, Ocean Drilling Program Leg 138. In Mayer, L.A., Pisias, N.G., Janecek, T.R., Palmer, Julson, A. and van Andel, T.H., (Eds.), Proc. ODP Sci. Results, 138: College Station TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 105-128.
  • Barron, J.A., and Baldauf, J.G., 1989. Tertiary cooling steps and paleoproductivity as reflected by diatoms and biosiliceous sediments, In Berger, W.H., Smetacek, V.S., and Wefer, G (eds.) Productivity of the ocean: Present and past, Dahlem workshop repts., Wiley, New York, 341-354.
  • King, S.C., Pearce, R.B., Kemp, A.E.S., Baldauf, J.G., and Murray, J.W., 1996. An integrated mircopaleontological and sedimentological study of mid-Miocene deep sea laminated diatom ooze, In Moguilevsky, A., Whatley, R., (Eds.) Microfossils and Oceanic environments, University of Wales, Aberstwyth-Press, 47-62.
  • Pearce, R.B., Kemp, A.S., Baldauf, J.G., and King, S.C., 1996, High-resolution sedimentology and micropaleontology of laminated diatomaceous sediments from the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean (Leg 138). In Kemp, A.E.S., (Ed.), Palaeoclimatology and Paleaoceanography from Laminated Sediments, Geological Society Special Publication No 116, 221-241.
  • Baldauf, J.G., 1985. A high resolution late Miocene-Pliocene diatom biostratigraphy for the eastern equatorial Pacific. In Mayer, L., Theyer, F., et al., 1985. Init. Repts., DSDP, 85: Washington (U.S. Govt. Printing Office) 457-476.


Ph.D. Paleontology, University of California-Berkeley, 1985

B.A. Geology, San Jose State University, 1981

Additional Information

Appointments: Professor – Oceanography, Texas A&M University (2000-present); Associate Professor, Oceanography, (1993-2000) and Assistant Professor in Oceanography, Texas A&M University (1987-1993)

Previous: Consultant - Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, U.S. Implementing Organization, TAMU (2008); Deputy Director - Ocean Drilling Program and Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, U.S. Implementing Organization, TAMU (1996-2008); Special Assistant to the Director (1996); Manager of Science Operations (1987-1996); Staff Scientist (1984-1987), Ocean Drilling Program, TAMU.

Research Activities: Backman, J. and Baldauf, J. Understanding the response of the tropical Pacific Ocean to global warming by exploring Earth history, Swedish Research Council FORMAS (pending).

Lyle, M., Baldauf, J., and Olivarez-Lyle, A. Neogene productivity and biogenic sedimentation in the equatorial Pacific, National Science Foundation (2010-2012).

Backman, J., and Baldauf, J. Primary production variations in the Equatorial Pacific in response to changes in the ocean/climate system during the Miocene. Wenner-Gren Foundation (2010)

Baldauf, J. Equatorial Pacific paleoecological variability of phytoplankton and primary productivity in response to climatic and oceanographic changes, IRTAG-TAMU (2010)


Visiting Research Scientist at Stockholm University, Sweden - 6 months (2010).

Mills, H., Baldauf, J.et al., 2008. Center for Climate CHANGES 30/30: Changing Human and Natural GeoEarth Systems in the 30N/30S Tropics Belt. University white paper, short listed, not funded.

Baldauf, J., Schubert, J., et al., 2008. The Center for Marine Science and Technology. University white paper, initial cut, not funded.

Note from 1996-2008 responsibilities included management of Science Services and Technical and Analytical Services Departments of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program and Ocean Drilling Program. Effort included personnel management, budget planning and resource management; Management of the scientific and technological deliverables including vessel schedule, expedition planning and implementation, logistics, scientific QA/QC, analytical systems including data acquisition, data quality and upload to the database, and Engineering development. The annual budget approximated $8 million depending on specific scientific and technological requirements.

Ocean Drilling Program liaison to various international Joint Oceanographic Institutes for Deep Earth Sampling Panels including: Scientific Planning Committee, Pollution Prevention and Safety Panel, Planning Committee, Atlantic Panel, Site Survey Panel, Shipboard Measurement Panels, Budget Committee, U.S. Science Advisory Council (1984-2008).

Micropaleontologist (MP) and/or Staff Scientist (SS): Expedition 320-321 and Leg 85 (equatorial Pacifc-shorebased - MP); Leg 138 (Equatorial Pacific-SS/MP); Leg 119 (Kerguelen/Prydz Bay, Antarctica – SS/MP); Leg 108 (equatorial Atlantic – SS/MP); Leg 105 (Labrador Sea/Baffin Bay -MP); Leg 100 (Gulf of Mexico - SS); Legs 94 and 81 (North Atlantic – MP).

Science Co-coordinator for ODP Leg 146, Santa Barbara Basin (1993-1994).

Co-initiated middle school science distance learning program on ocean drilling (1999-2000) including State of Texas Infrastructure Fund (TIF), education, Ocean Drilling distance learning, (1999) (Co-PI with Jon Denton, TAMU College of Education-$350,000)

Teaching Activities: Introduction to Oceanography (OCN 251); Applied Micropaleontology (Geol. 689); Deep sea sediments (pending); Biotic response to climate change (Geol 681); Marine diatoms (OCN 689); Paleoceanography (OCN 689); Scientific ocean drilling (OCN 689) - Currently member on 1 PhD and two master student committees.

Services: Chair of the Oceanography Department Curriculum Committee; Member of the Oceanography Department Executive Committee; and Member of the College of Geosciences Curriculum Committee

Previous (selected): IODP Consultant – Provided guidance concerning management and operational issues and completed priority matrix for IODP intellectual property strategy (2008)

College of Geosciences and Maritime studies representative on the Texas A&M University Council of Principal Investigators (1993-1996). Elected Council chair (1995-1996).

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