Yun Liu

Yun Liu

Numerical Modeling Team Lead, Assistant Research Scientist


  Eller O&M 622


Coupled Data Assimilation,Ensemble-based Parameter Estimation, Climate Variability and Prediction, Dynamics of the coupled ocean-atmosphere-land system, Carbon-Cycle-Climate Interaction

Selected Publications

Liu, H., F Lu, Z Liu, Y Liu, S Zhang, 2016:Assimilating atmosphere reanalysis in coupled data assimilation. Journal of Meteorological Research.30, 572-583 doi:10.1007/s13351-016-6014-1Lu, F., Z Liu,

Y Liu; S Zhang, R Jacob, 2016:Understanding the control of extratropical atmospheric variability on ENSO using a coupled data assimilation approach, Clim Dyn.,1-22, doi:10.1007/s00382-016-3256-7Lu, F., Z. Liu, S. Zhang,

Liu, 2015:Strongly Coupled Data Assimilation Using Leading Averaged Coupled Covariance (LACC). Part II: CGCM experiments. Mon. Wea. Rev., 143 (11), 4645-4659

Lu, F., Z. Liu, S. Zhang, Liu, 2015:Strongly Coupled Data Assimilation Using Leading Averaged Coupled Covariance (LACC). Part I: Simple Model Study. Mon. Wea. Rev., 143, 3823–3837.

Liu, Y., Z. Liu, S. Zhang, R. Jacob, F. Lu, X. Rong, S. Wu (2014). Ensemble-Based Parameter Estimation in a Coupled General Circulation Model. J. Climate, , 27:18, 7151-7162. doi:

Liu, Y., Liu, S. Zhang, X. Rong, R. Jacob, S. Wu, F. Lu, 2014: Ensemble-Based Parameter Estimation in a Coupled GCM Using the Adaptive Spatial Average Method. J. Climate, 27, 4002–4014. doi:

Liu, Z., N. Wen and Liu, 2008: On the assessment of non-local climate feedback: I: the generalized Equilibrium Feedback Analysis. J. Climate, 21, 134-148.

Liu Z., Liu, L. Wu, R. Jacob 2007: Seasonal and Long-Term Atmospheric Responses to Reemerging North Pacific Ocean Variability: A Combined Dynamical and Statistical Assessment*. Journal of Climate 20(6): 955.

Liu, Y., Feng, J. Church, and D. Wang, 2005: Salinity Effect on Estimating Geostrophic Transport of the Indonesian Throughflow along the IX1 XBT section. Journal of Oceanography, 61(4), 705-801

Wang D., Y. Liu, Y. Qi, P. Shi 2001, Seasonal Variability of Thermal Fronts in the Northern South China Sea from Satellite Data. Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 28, No. 20, 3963-3966.


Ph. D. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences,  University of Wisconsin-Madison  2014

M.S. of Physic Oceanography, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China 2002

B.S. of Physics, Nankai University, China 1997

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