Xiaolei Xu

Xiaolei Xu

Graduate Student

Graduate Assistant


  Eller O&M 506


I am interested in the role of natural halogenation process in our ocean and earth. Chlorine cycle in the Ocean was previously largely overlooked, which may both better our understanding on how halogenated contaminants transform and contribute to the driving force for carbon cycle. In Dr. Yina Liu’s lab, I hope to learn and unite the knowledge in the fundamental chlorine biochemistry into the large-scale chlorine and carbon cycle. For that, I hope to combine analytical techniques such as high-resolution MS with data automation.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


B.S. - Water Resource and Environmental Engineering, Jilin University

Master's - Water Resource and Environmental Engineering, Villanova University


A.T. Webber Fellowship

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Advisor: Dr. Yina Liu

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