Jacob Arnold


  • Physical Oceanography
  • Impacts of Sea Ice Productivity on Global Circulation
  • Antarctic Margin Characteristics and Change
  • Impact of Global Changes on High-Latitude Processes

My research involves quantification of the impact of changes in Antarctic sea-ice productivity on the global meridional overturning circulation using multiple remote sensing and hydrographic data sources. My goal is to understand the potential for and variability of dense Antarctic shelf water formation from coastal polynya sea-ice production on the entire Antarctic continental margin. Additionally, I seek to estimate local meltwater intrusion from continental ice at every embayment around the continent.


M.S. Oceanography, Texas A&M University, 2022
B.S. Sociology, Texas A&M University, 2019


CIRTL Associate Certificate
Robert O. Reid Oceanography Fellowship
National Science Foundation S-STEM Scholar
Louis & Elizabeth Scherck Scholarship
Ralph Rayburn ’69 Scholarship

Additional Information

Advisor: Dr. Alejandro Orsi

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