Kristie Dick

Kristie Dick

Graduate Student

  Eller O&M 409 D


I am part of the GEOTRACES GP17 cruise covering a large portion of the S. Pacific. Using cross-flow filtration, I hope to further parse the dissolved portion of iron into soluble and colloidal fractions, particularly as it pertains to hydrothermal vents. Elucidating the size fractions of iron can help us determine where it is moving and it's bioavailability for phytoplankton at the surface.


Research Key Words:

Trace Metal Biogeochemistry

Iron colloids


Hydrothermal Vents


B.S. Biological Science, Florida State University, 2020


2022-2026, Geosciences Merit Fellowship

2020-2022, Fulbright Grantee

2020, Honors in Biological Sciences

2016-2020, FSU Merit Scholarship

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