Shu Ying Wee (Ying)

Shu Ying Wee (Ying)

Graduate Student

Biological Oceanography

  Eller O&M 716B


My research interests involve the characterization of seafloor and subseafloor microbiology. In studying this, I work with rock samples retrieved from mid-ocean ridges. The sites I am interested in include the East Pacific Rise 9°N, the Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Atlantis Bank at the Southwest Indian Ridge, and Nankai Trough. Learning about the microbial life present at mid-ocean ridges allows us to understand the mechanisms that microorganisms employ when living in extreme environments. We can further comprehend their important role in the ocean and Earth, as well as shed light on the potential microbial life found in extraterrestrial ocean environments that have similar geological and hydrological composition.

Selected Publications

International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition 393 Preliminary Report Teagle, D.A.H., Reece, J., Coggon, R.M., Sylvan, J.B., Christeson, G.L., Williams, T.J., Estes, E.R., and the Expedition 393 Scientists. IODP Publications, January 2023

Microbial abundance and diversity in subsurface lower oceanic crust at Atlantis Bank, Southwest Indian Ridge. Wee, S.Y., Edgcomb, V.P., Beaudoin, D., Yvon-Lewis, S.A., Sylvan, J.B. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Volume 87, No. 22. 28 October 2021

Recycling and metabolic flexibility dictate life in lower oceanic crust. Li, J., Mara, P., Schubotz, F. Sylvan, J.B., Burgaud, G., Klein, F., Beaudoin, D., Wee, S.Y., Dick, H., Lott, S., Cox, R., Meyer, L.A.E., Quémener, M., Blackman, D.K., Edgcomb, V.P. Nature. Volume 579, 250–255. March 11 2020.


M.S, Biological Oceanography, Texas A&M University, 2019
B.S, Biological Engineering, Montana State University, 2016


Louis & Elizabeth Scherck Chair in Oceanography Scholarship (2023-2024)
IODP Expedition 393 Post-Expedition Award, U.S. Science Support Program (2023)
Schlanger Ocean Drilling Fellowship, U.S. Science Support Program, (2022-2023)
A.T. Webber Fellowship (2022)
Donald & Melba Ross Scholarship (2016, 2020, 2021)
Ralph Rayburn ’69 Scholarship (2019)


Oceanography 252 (Summer 2021, Fall 2016)
Oceanography 251 (Spring, Summer, and Fall 2019)

Additional Information

Advisor: Dr. Jason Sylvan

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