High Impact Opportunities

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The Department of Oceanography is committed to providing its students with more hands-on, high impact, learning opportunities, including field-based experiences, undergraduate research opportunities, study abroad programs, and access to internship resources.

By saying "yes" to high impact opportunities, Oceanography students have found themselves across the world, assisting in world-class research on research vessels, hiking through the Peru Andes, or in a lab in Sicily, Italy. Field-based experiences take students out of the classroom and into Galveston Bay, where professor lead the classes in learning about and researching the effects pollution has on marine environments. 

Mia Self with the HOV Alvin

Five Weeks At Sea: Geosciences Junior Conducts Research On Pacific Expedition

Mia Self dove 2,500 meters deep in HOV ALVIN during a NSF-funded research cruise, led by a Texas A&M Oceanography professor.

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