Beibei E

Beibei E

Graduate Student

Research Assistance

  Eller O&M 702F


My doctoral work is to identify and systematically quantify the impact of coastal processes and features on air-sea momentum transfer and the marine boundary, so as to improve the accuracy of marine model.

Selected Publications

E, B., Zhang, S., Driscoll, C.T., Wen, T., 2023. Human and natural impacts on the U.S. freshwater salinization and alkalinization: A machine learning approach. Science of The Total Environment 889, 164138.

Gong, J., Qi, J., E, B., Yin, Y., Gao, D., 2020. Concentration, viability and size distribution of bacteria in atmospheric bioaerosols under different types of pollution. Environmental Pollution 257, 113485.

E, B., Zhang, S., Wen, T., Driscoll, C.T., Developing machine learning model to access anthopogenic impacts on US freshwater salinization syndrome. 2023 GSA Conference.


M.S, Earth Sciences, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Syracuse University
B.S. Environmental Sciences, Department of Environmental Science & Engineering, Ocean University of China

Additional Information

Advisor: Dr. Henry Potter

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