Gianna Milton

Gianna Milton

Graduate Student

Graduate Research Assistant

  Eller O&M 702

Selected Publications

Gianna Milton, Steven DiMarco. (2021). In Situ Oceanographic and Atmospheric Observations of Hurricane Hanna in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico. 2021 Joint Spring Meeting of the Texas Sections of APS, AAPT and Zone 13 of the SPS (oral).

Richard P. Olenick, Arthur Sweeney, Philip Lenzen, Samantha Garza, Cecilia Hassan, Gianna Milton, Clement Say, Stephen Flowers, Nick Bacsewski, Chris Littler (2018). New Transit Measurements of WASP 43b and HD 189733b. RTSRE Proceedings (paper).


B.S. Physics, University of Dallas, 2021

Additional Information

Advisor: Dr. Steve DiMarco

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