Arantxa Sacristan Ramirez

Arantxa Sacristan Ramirez

Graduate Teaching Assistant

  Eller O&M 629 Cube I


Aquatic biogeochemistry has been the focus of my research throughout my training; I find intriguing and exciting the interpretation of chemical elements’ ecological roles in ecosystems. During these years of studying phosphorus recycling in aquatic ecosystems, I became curious about other essential components in the chemical environment, such as organic matter. It is possible to understand organic matter’s interactions, processes, and their context in the ocean through modern quantifying tools, such as fluorescence spectroscopy and modeling.

Selected Publications

Barjau -Aguilar, M., Merino-Ibarra, M., Ramírez-Zierold, J. A., Castillo-Sandoval, S. F., Vilaclara-Fatjó, G., Guzmán-Arias, A. P., ..., Sacristan-Ramirez, A. & González-De Zayas, R. (2022). Nitrogen and Phosphorous Retention in Tropical Eutrophic Reservoirs with Water Level Fluctuations: A Case Study Using Mass Balances on a Long-Term Series. Water, 14(14), 2144.

Merino-Ibarra, M., Ramírez-Zierold, J. A., Valdespino-Castillo, P. M., Castillo-Sandoval, F. S., Guzmán-Arias, A. P., Barjau-Aguilar, M., Monroy-Rios E., Lopez-Gomez, L. M., Sacristan-Ramirez, A., …& Sánchez-Carrillo, S. (2021). Vertical Boundary Mixing Events during Stratification Govern Heat and Nutrient Dynamics in a Windy Tropical Reservoir Lake with Important Water-Level Fluctuations: A Long-Term (2001–2021) Study. Water, 13(21), 3011.


M.Sc. in Marine Sciences and Limnology (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico)

B.S in Earth Sciences (UNAM)


2023, Webber Fellowship |Texas A&M University

2021-2022, James Sharp Graduate Scholarship|Texas A&M University

2020-2021, Opportunity Funds ‘21| EducationUSA Mexico

2020, Estimulo para la graduacion oportuna* |UNAM

2020,  Honorable mention in master's defense |UNAM

2018-2019, Master of Science Fellowship|Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia (CONACyT)

2017-2018, Research Assistant Fellowship |CONACyT

*Economical prize for students who complete their graduate degree within the established five semesters by the University’s regulations.

Additional Information

Advisor: Dr. Gerardo Gold Bouchot

Conference presentation

Sacristan Ramirez A (2019). Assessment of phosphorus mass balance in a deep hypertrophic reservoir for water supply of Mexico City Metropolitan Area. Asia Oceania Geosciences Society Annual Meeting, Singapore, SG.

Research cruise experience

July-August 2023 (6 days) R/V Point Sur. Gom GRADients. Gulf of Mexico, US

February-March 2023 (4 days) R/V Pelican. Ocean Acidification on a Crossroad - Enhanced Respiration, Upwelling, Increasing Atmospheric CO2, and their interactions in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico. Gulf of Mexico, US
July 2022 (4 days) R/V Point Sur. Grad GOM Cruise. Gulf of Mexico, US
June 2022 (3 days) R/V Pelican. REU: Observing the Ocean - Texas A&M University. Gulf of Mexico, US
June-July 2019 (8 days): B/O El Puma. Physical and biological research of cyclonic eddies. Gulf of California, MX
April 2018 (3 days): B/O El Puma. Phytoplankton sedimentary record research. Mazatlán, MX
Learned sampling of sediments.
April 2018 (10 days): B/O El Puma. Red tides research. Mexican Pacific, MX
August 2017 (8 days): B/O El Puma. Paleoclimate research. Gulf of California, MX
November 2016 (8 days): B/O El Puma. Paleoclimate research. Gulf of California, MX

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